Monday, July 26, 2010

The Reputation of Pakistan and the Belligerence of the American Polity

Says the Washington Post: "Pakistani officials dismissed the disclosures that their country's spies meet and coordinate attacks with Taliban leaders. Several officials and analysts suggested that the Obama administration is trying to exert pressure on their government or smear Pakistan's reputation."
What is this reputation that Pakistan prides itself on? A failed state, where Prime Ministers never finish their terms, where thugs and self-proclaimed-mullahs—one in the same—rule, where the gossip of husband assassinating wife spirits openly and freely—acknowledged widely—on the street, where barbaric jihadis rampage, gouging eyes and kidneys and livers, where citizens flee abroad to find themselves food and survival, where millionaires pay no taxes, where entire political parties are bequeathed to children yet unfinished with college, where the constitution is only upheld because it is so often changed, where does Pakistan get the ink to print its fiat reputation from?
America, of course, a belligerent nation whose official line today is: "The key thing to bear in mind is that the administration is not naive about Pakistan… [t]he problem with the Pakistanis is that the more you threaten them, the more they become entrenched and don't see a path forward with you." Yes, yes, a brute throws a tantrum, and what does the richest-strongest-bravest-mostintelligent-capitalist-freedomingloving nation do? Give $7.5bn? To the heads of a Failed State? So that they can continue failing their already failed state? And alongside it, pushing-prodding-bombing failing neighbouring states too? The thing to bear in mind is that every successive American president thinks that he will be able to tame Pakistan. Yes, yes, go give them aid for water-schools-mangofarming, and watch while they make bombs out of that humanitarian aid and throw them at people left-right-center.
So the problem is not entirely Pakistan. It is the Pakistan-American axis, where Pakistan coalesces money out of Washington to kill. For more than half a century it has been killing Indians and making life hell for Kashmiris, but now it is also killing Americans. If America thinks that the savages in Afghanistan can be fought with the savages in Pakistan, it should look at its own recent history, at the heat-sinking missiles it provided anit-Soviet Afghan mujaheddin in the 1980s. These now attack American helicopters in Afghanistan. Paying brutes to fight other brutes only empowers the brute entity. Innocent citizens everyone pay the price, in taxes or in blood. We have seen that a failed state cannot be fixed; that belligerence only costs more lives everywhere. It is time to stop funding the terrorists.