Friday, October 23, 2009

Missing children; thank you, socialism

A CATO study on the human cost of socialism to India's growth is out this week. It's interesting in its suggestions but I find it week in its methodology. I don't know how they assigned the numbers from one timer period to another, but it's certainly something that needs to be studied more rigorously.

This is a part of the abstract:
This paper seeks to estimate the number of “missing children,” “missing literates,” and “missing non-poor” resulting from delayed reform, slower economic growth, and hence, slower improvement of social indicators. It finds that with earlier reform, 14.5 million more children would have survived, 261 million more Indians would have become literate, and 109 million more people would have risen above the poverty line. The delay in economic reform represents an enormous social tragedy. It drives home the point that India’s socialist era, which claimed it would deliver growth with social justice, delivered neither.

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